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Illness and Medicine

It is our policy that should any child have a fever higher than 37 degrees Celsius. a parent is notified and we request permission to give medicine to break the fever. If the fever is 38 degrees or higher the parent is required to fetch the child from the school.

If a child has had a runny tummy or has been vomiting they may only return to school after being free from these symptoms for at least 12 hours before returning to school.

Should a child have a rash the parent will be requested to fetch the child and only upon receipt a medical certificate stating that the rash is not contagious may the child be returned to the school with said rash.

Each class has a medicine box. If parents require a teacher to administer medicine please hand the medicine to the teacher upon arrival at the class. The medicine is then stowed away and administers as per our procedures. DO NOT SIMPLY PUT THE MEDICINE IN THE CHILDS BAG.
There is a medicine registry in each class and the parent has to fill it in in order for us to have permission to administer the medicine as requested. The parent is responsible for the collection of the medicine at the end of each day.

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