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Feel free to dress your child as you feel appropriate, bearing in mind that they will be involved in a lot of messy play, water play and outdoor play. We recommend old clothes. Please bring in a spare set of clothing for your child, marked with your
child’s name, for changing into should they get wet or dirty. These can be placed in rucksacks or bags from home and put in your child’s cubby-hole. 
We also ask that
you please provide a full-rimmed sunhat and sunblock for your child.  Please encourage your child to wear secure comfortable low heel shoes or sandals. This will allow them to climb on equipment and play outdoors safely.  In Summer feel free to send them barefoot!
Please ensure that
everything is well marked and check that they have everything with them upon collection! We will not be held responsible for any missing items.
We expect that all girls with long hair, have their hair tied back to prevent their hair getting in their eyes while playing and learning or getting too dirty in the paint or sand.

We ask for your cooperation with our policy that children do not wear jewellery when they are at school!
Rings, chains, earrings and bracelets can cause
injuries or get lost whilst they play.
If your child does wear earrings removed, please ensure that they wear the stud type, rather than the loops.