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Our learning policy is based on the knowledge that young children learn through play. Playing is children’s work! Children learn by experiencing for themselves, experimenting, exploring, investigating, talking, listening, hearing, imagining and thinking.

The Reggio Emilal Approach is an Italian based approach that encourages children's learning through creative means. Through play and a variety of art and craft activities, each child will have the freedom to explore every area of learning and allow them to have 'ownership' of their learning, as well as of the environment in which it takes place. This enables children to make informed choices and become independent learners.

Each child is considered to be unique and is encouraged to work at his/her developmental stage, interest and their individual needs.
JUNIOR PRESCHOOL: Children are given a choice of activities and are encouraged to join in, however no child is forced to do the activities. Teachers do not complete formal reports but rather an interview style report with each child. At the end of each term a portfolio of your childs work will be sent home.

SENIOR PRESCHOOL: Here the children are also given choices of activities, however they are encouraged to spend time on them all.Teachers complete an annual formal report which is based on the UK's Early Yours Foundation Stage Curriculum and incorporates six areas of learning.
1.    Personal Social and Emotional Development.
2.    Communication, Language and Literacy Development.
3.    Knowledge and Understanding of the World.
4.    mathematical Development.
5.    Physical Development.
6.    Creative Development.

Out-Door Learning Environment
Outdoor play is an integral part of nursery and school life.  It is crucial to remember that the outdoor learning environment is equally important to children’s all around development and well being as the indoor learning environment. Children will have access to outdoor play right through the seasons. (Weather permitting)
The outdoor environment is also a place where children have the space to challenge their play and where they are able to take acceptable risks and learn from their experience. Allowing children to take acceptable risks now will give them the skills and experience to work out risks in the wider world as they grow. Please remember there is no right or wrong way to play.
Staff use their professional judgement and take reasonable steps to ensure safety at all times.  All outdoor toys are age and height appropriate.

Please note that we consider the child's age as of the 1st of January, although we are flexible according each child's development.

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