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Food and Snacks
At our School we encourage a healthy lifestyle and eating.
We start the day by having breakfast together.  This is based on the principle that children will learn better and be able to concentrate more if they are not hungry or thirsty. Breakfast is served from 7.15. The kitchen closes by 8 with no exceptions!
Later in the morning the children stop to have snack. This is provided by you. 
Please note that the snack need not be anything extravagant, but could be simply a yoghurt, a sandwich or a piece of fruit.  We ask that the snack not include the following:
    - sweets
    - chips
    - fizzy drinks
    - other ‘junk’ food

On Fridays we have a Tuck Shop. We also have 'Bakersman' which is run by each class in turn.

 At midday all children receive lunch.  A menu is on display for your information.  These meals are prepared by our full time chef and contains the required nutritional values, as well as being based classic children’s favourites.

For children who are staying for the whole day, another snack needs to be provided by you for the afternoon. 

We encourage children to drink a lot of water as research shows that the brain is 75% water and needs to be filled up daily to be able to work at its best. A healthy brain can make learning fun!

 As we know how important it is to recognise and celebrate a child’s birthday, we do allow parents to bring cakes/sweeties etc. on these days.  However, this is on the condition that there is enough for the whole class.

Please remember to take all bottles and snack boxes home at the end of each day.
If your child has any food allergies, please make staff aware and note this on your application forms.  We also ask that if your child has any special dietary needs, that you please provide for your child.

Note that we are a peanut-free school.

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