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Staffing and ratio

At our School we follow the ratio guidelines stipulated by the Department of
Social Development for Early Childhood Development Services. They are as follows:
      Baby Class                - 2 adults: 8 children
      Toddlers Class           - 2 adults: 14 children
      2 - 3  years               - 2 adults: 16 children
      3 - 5  years               - 2 adults: 18 children
Within these guidelines, we also attempt never to exceed 18 children per classroom and where possible we have employed more staff than needed to allow for the best possible care and education for your child(ren).  

The role of the Teacher

- works closely with parents to support children’s transition from home to school.
- communicates with parents and with other professionals involved.
works together with other staff to identify any needs so that appropriate referrals about any issues or concerns for individual children can be made.
All staff have access to quality training and are committed to ongoing self development in the best interests of children and families.
The Care and Educationion of the children is the responsibility of every staff member.
Working in Partnership with Mommies, Daddies and/or Carers
We know that Parents/Carers are children’s first and most influential teachers and  keeping this in mind we like to work closely with you and your child.
We strive to build a happy and strong link between home and school.

We do it by
 * Sharing information exchanging knowledge that may have an affect on your child’s performance at the nursery or home for example an illness of a parent or extended family member, an argument or disagreement or possibly an issue with a brother or sister, absence of staff members and issues or events arising at the centre. Each child receives a communication book that goes home daily. This contains information about your child’s day – nappie changes, eating and sleeping habits. We ask that you sign all notices that go home. Feel free to write back to us in these books.
* Explore how children learn in preschool.
* Encouraging positive relationships between all who are at the Centre, Children, Fathers, Mothers and visiting non-professionals and professionals.

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