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It is the Schools policy that all visitors to the building must be considered as strangers to the children.

Please remember you are a STRANGER to the children. Make your first contact with one of our adult staff!
We continually making the children aware of strangers and ask visitors to co-operate and work with us to encourage this. We need to teach the children the appropriate behaviour towards adults they come into contact with.
In order to do this we would ask that you:
1. Do not wander around the building without contacting a member of staff first.
2. Do not force yourself on children. You may know the child, but does the child know you?
3. Do not pick up other children or sit them on your lap. Just observe.
4. Let the children come to you, but discourage the demanding child.
5. If a child needs help, inform a member of staff.
6. Remember that the children may have forgotten you.
7. Do not take children from the rooms without informing staff.
8. Do not talk about children within their hearing.
It is also important to note that children will only be allowed to be picked up by their parents/ carers, unless a prior arrangement has been made. If so, that person must be over the age of 18.